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Public Memorial Service

02/11/2014 Celebrating the life of Alice
Alice's family are keen to thank people whose outpouring of support and grief touched them deeply. A public memorial ceremony to celebrate Alice's life will be held this Sunday at Greenford Hall. The ceremony will start at 11am with doors opening at 10.30

Memorial on 2 November

On Sunday 2 November a memorial service for Alice took place at Greenford Hall in West London. Hundreds turned out for the service which was a chance for the family to pay tribute to Alice’s wonderful life while also thanking the community for their support. Jose, Alice’s dad, paid tribute to the “extraordinary support” given to the family. “The response of the community was astonishing,” he said. “I was amazed by how much people were touched by our ongoing tragedy and how much they cared. For five or so weeks the area became emblazoned in yellow ribbons, delivering a very powerful message of support to the public at large and anyone passing by. No one could pass through Hanwell and beyond without being aware that Alice was missing and that the community cared.” The family is grateful to all those who attended the service and to those who have made donations to Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund including many who have left kind messages.