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Mayfield Primary School - Mulan

09/07/2015 Created by Rosalind
Alice attended Mayfield primary school and participated in productions of Jungle Book, High School Musical, Aladdin and Oliver, where she played Nancy. This year's performance of Mulan was dedicated to Alice's memory and a portion of the ticket price will be donated. A collection was taken at the two performances.

What a fantastic show

The children of Mayfield primary school performed fantastically and the staging was, as usual, inventive and beautiful. I was so pleased to see the enjoyment and enthusiasm of the cast. Alice had a great start at Mayfield, since drama and music were so important there. The love of performance and confidence in the children is fostered through drama club. This shows how important the arts are to children and their development, and I hope that Alice's fund will give such opportunities to other children.